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USB Flash Drives & MP3 Player

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Contact Us:
USA Office:

14747 Artesia Blvd., Suite 2G
La Mirada, CA 90638

Phone: 1-714-522-0232

E-mail: Sales@amcamerica.com
Web site: www.amcamerica.com

For all technical problems and concerns, please email us at support@amcamerica.com , and we will reply you as soon as possible with the best solution

Taiwan Headquarters:

6th Fl., No. 2, Alley 16, Lane 235, Pao-Chiao Rd.,
Hsin-Tien, Taipei 231, Taiwan R.O.C.

Phone: +886-2-2911-1632

E-mail: Sales@amcamerica.com
Web site: www.amcamerica.com

Technical Dept.: support@amcamerica.com

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