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High quality. Super Light Weight design.

Your digital music player needs a earphone that you may hang around your neck. The ST-IPOD-E3220 is the next step up from traditional standard earphones, delivering premium sound with superior bass all in a compact design. The classic style, cool-looking black with blue accents, compatible with a wide range of portable audio players. The small 9mm driver made for a comfortable fit, also included the sonic isolation of soft silicon earphones.


  1. Super-Light- In-Your-Ear Design, Soft, and Silicon material earphones, you can enjoy high quality music.
  2. Super-Small 9 mm size and stylish, E3220 should be widely accepted by the youth and accommodate with all makes of ears.
  3. Stereo sound plays for most types of music: rock, blue, pop, classical, etc. As you may feel in a live concert.
  4. Special closed-end ergonomics fashion plug is just our cutting-edge approach to earphones design.
  5. Consistent design with iPod portable Products, use our E3220 to enjoy your favorite music with CD player, MP3 player, MD player, potable DVD player, and notebook computer.
  6. E3220 is made with 8.3K J/M 3 Gauss Ultra-High-Power Neodymium Magnet , therefore you may enjoy the most heart-pounding bass music using E3220.


  • Sensitivity: 115dB/mW
  • Voice Call Impendence: 15% AT 1K H Z
  • Sound Pressure Level: 107 d b/mw
  • Embedded Sharp Technology
  • Flux Density: 8.3KJ/M 3 Gauss
  • Buzz & Rating: 0.25v
  • Normal Power Rating: 5 mw
  • Max Power Rating: 2 0mw
  • Magnet Size: 6 * 7 m m
  • Net Weight of Speaker: 1.2 Gram
  • Polarity: (R)IS (*) When Pub Face Up
  • Distortion: 1% AT 1KHz
  • Frequency: 50-20000 H Z
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